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  1. Navy/Hi-Vis

    Regular Price: CA$149.99

    Special Price CA$97.49

    Out of stock

    Cold Cross Race Replica Jacket Learn More
  2. Realtree AP Pink

    Regular Price: CA$109.99

    Special Price CA$71.00

    Fuze Block Heater Vest Learn More
  3. Grey/Light Grey/Aqua

    Out of stock

    W Renegade Jacket 18 Learn More
  4. Black/Charcoal/Fuchsia

    Regular Price: CA$419.99

    Special Price CA$272.99

    Out of stock

    Women's Adrenaline Jacket Learn More
  5. Realtree AP Black

    Regular Price: CA$249.99

    Special Price CA$79.00

    Out of stock

    Fuze Long Down Jacket Learn More
  6. Yellow/Fuchsia/Blue

    Regular Price: CA$279.99

    Special Price CA$181.99

    Out of stock

    15 W Fresh Jacket Learn More
  7. Lime

    Regular Price: CA$319.99

    Special Price CA$207.99

    Out of stock

    15 W Pulse Jacket Learn More
  8. Blue/Yellow/Fuchsia

    Regular Price: CA$379.99

    Special Price CA$99.00

    15 W Vertical Pro Jacket Learn More
  9. APHD Snow

    Regular Price: CA$349.99

    Special Price CA$227.00

    Out of stock

    Women's Team Jacket Learn More
  10. Black/Lime

    Regular Price: CA$309.99

    Special Price CA$99.00

    Women's Helix Jacket Learn More
  11. Purple/Fuchsia/Blue

    Regular Price: CA$299.99

    Special Price CA$99.00

    Women's Cold Cross Jacket Learn More
  12. Realtree APHD Snow

    Regular Price: CA$209.99

    Special Price CA$136.00

    Out of stock

    Vertical Pro Softshell Jacket Learn More

25-36 of 42

Grid List

Set Ascending Direction