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Dylan Sabatini

Speedway Drivers | Sabatini Racing

Dylan Sabatini #29

Age: 25
Birthdate: September 23rd  1987
Hometown: Ste. Anne, Manitoba
Married? Only to racing
No. of Years Racing: 18
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Hobbies: Drawing, video games, DJing, making music, slot cars, pizza, adventuring, time/space travel

Most Memorable Moment in Racing: Driving a Lightning Sprint for the first time. Completely bonkers.

Major Racing Accomplishments: Winning two 4-cylinder Enduro championships and moving up to Lightning Sprints.

2011-2012 Racing Divisions: Northern Lightning Sprints at Red River Co-op Speedway

Goals for 2011-2012 Race Season: Finish in the top 5 for the final points standings and win some races.

Favorite Track? Red River Co-op Speedway. Crazy fast racing and the fans are awesome.

Toughest Racer to pass on the track? Ha, myself!

Describe your off-season training regimen: Running a minimum of 8.6k in 1 hour daily, no soda, lots of chicken and green vegetables, lots of water, some racing video games, and absolutely NO DRUGS!

What pre-race ritual do you do or item(s) must you wear or have with you when you race (for good luck)? You are? Cheeseburger! YOU WILL BE?! CHEESEBURGER!!!!!!

Who has influenced your race career the most to date? The late great Colin McRae. Always professional and cool even though  he crashed a lot. Forever awesome to the max.

Where would you most like to go visit in the world? It’s a tough pick between Italy and Japan. Both countries are very passionate about racing and have built some of the most beautiful and fastest cars in the world.

If money were no object what vehicle would you drive? My all-time favorite childhood racer…a Group B Rally prepared 1985 Lancia Delta S4.

What music do you listen to? Pendulum, Skrillex, Electric Light Orchestra, Buck 65, Daft Punk, Dj Shadow, Beastie Boys, Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker

If you could continue racing after you are done with your current form of racing what type of racing would you like to do (money being no object)? Either a rally car in the World Rally Championship or a monster truck in the Monster Jam circuit.

Crew Members: Mom and Dad (Ingrid and Gerald), Brian Lajoie, Wyatt Lajoie, Jim Voth, Richard Wait, Sue Wait, Sarah and Darcy. Thanks for everything ya’ll!

Sponsors: FXR Racing, Kal Tire Steinbach, Wendy’s, Ste. Anne Hotel, Beausejour Hotel, Outback Power Products, J.D. Window & Door, The Sign Source, Displays on Main, ENERGY 106 FM, Link Auto Works, Grand Prix Amusements, Mixco Metal Works, Web Fairy Design.

Website: http://www.dylansabatini.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/@sabatiniracing/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sabatiniracingteam